Eaze Driver Promotion Website

Eaze needed a promotional micro-site that would connect Google AdWords to the Eaze Driver application site. We named it eazetechnologies.com. One challenge was to create it without using the words ‘marijuana’ or ‘dispensaries’ so it could be used with Google Adwords. We also needed users to understand that they'd be signing up to deliver marijuana products. The design was a success, and it's now getting 130,000 visitors daily.



The team gave me a brief concept and contents for the website as well as a lot of creative control, which I loved. I created 3 design options, the team chose their favorite one, and then I finalized the design. 

When we created the page, I made it as simple as possible because we wanted the site to be a bridge from AdWords to the driver application. The page only has 3 parts: the Hero shot, information about the job and benefits, and a testimonial. The goal of the design was to show users that anyone can be a delivery driver for Eaze.

Explorer the website